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5 Women Leaders in the Professional World

Are you motivated to become the best woman you can be and be an empowering force in the workplace? Do you feel like you have no idea where you should start? You’re in luck! In this article, we have compiled five women leaders in the professional world that have made a lasting impact in their respective industries and are reliable role models to look up to. Hopefully, after reading their stories, you will be empowered to make important decisions at work and to start pursuing your passions with ferocity and grit.

Whitney Wolfe Herd

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the co-founder and CEO of the dating app Bumble. She owns an 11.6% stake in Bumble Inc and became the youngest self-made woman billionaire after it went public on February 11, 2021. She recalls the motivation for founding Bumble when she states, “For all the advances women have been making in the workplaces and corridors of power, the gender dynamics of dating and romance still seemed so outdated. I thought what if I could flip that on its head? What if women made the first move and sent the first message?” Wolfe Herd’s statement here is an inspiring one because it reminds women that they have the power to change conventions that are not working for them both in dating, but also at work.

Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is the founder of an American women's clothing retailer called Nasty Gal. After starting Nasty Gal, Amoruso has scaled the business to over $100M in revenue and has also written a New York Times best selling book called #GirlBoss, where she tells the story of Nasty Gal’s creation. After her book became a bestseller, she was on the cover of Forbes and Netflix produced and released an original series all about her life and how she started her business. Now, she mentors young women in starting and running their own businesses, and she has helped thousands of women dream up and build profitable business models.

Elaine Welteroth

Elaine Welteroth was the former Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue. She was not only the youngest person to hold this position in a Conde Nast publication, but was also the second African-American person to do so.

Now, she is a journalist and is the author of the bestselling book, More than Enough, which is a memoir that charts her career path in the magazine industry and her struggles with being a young woman of color and how she was able to overcome them.

Aileen Xu

Aileen Xu, better known by her blog moniker Lavendaire, is a YouTuber and social media influencer. On Lavendaire, she discusses her own personal growth and makes videos about productivity and how to live your dream life. She also does this on her podcast, The Lavendaire Lifestyle.

On her social media platforms, she has also opened up on her life as a Chinese-American woman and her political viewpoints on the racial injustice that Chinese-Americans and other minorities face on a day-to. She is a strong advocate for empowering women, especially minorities, to pursue and truly live their dream lives.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is a former First Lady of the United States, a lawyer, and a writer. She has become a role model for women around the globe through her advocacy for public health, national service members and their families, higher education, and international education for adolescent girls.

All of these women are leaders in the professional world in their own rights and have valuable insight to share with any woman that is looking to level up in her career. Their success stories are ones to idolize and remember. For more empowering and educational content, be sure to visit the codeHER blog regularly and follow codeHER on social media.

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