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Empowering young women with tech and leadership skills


codeHER is a women-led nonprofit uplifting economically disadvantaged young women in developing countries

Technical Education

We equip young women with the tech skills needed to be competitive in today's market

Entrepreneurial Skills

Our students create their own-social impact organizations that solve local problems

Career and Education

We support our students to complete their university education and access career opportunities 


Give a girl the right tools and skills, and they will change the world. With the diverse issues in the world today, we need a diverse group of future problem-solvers to fix them.


We mentor and empower young women to become these problem-solvers.


When she was 13, Saniya Vashist founded codeHER with the vision of empowering minority populations around the world to tackle the issues they are passionate about. Witnessing the tech gender-gap firsthand in her classes, she first started running girls coding programs at local schools in the United States. After realizing the impact codeHER could have on an international scale, Saniya worked with the team to facilitate codeHER programs around the world.


Saniya hopes to use codeHER as a platform to spark and propel a dialogue about gender inequality around the world, bridge cultural divides through technology, and inspire youth to use their talents and perspectives to better their communities.



When I first started codeHER in 2016 I had no idea where this journey would lead me. 4 years in,

we are proud to be an entirely women-led nonprofit, empowering the next generation of leaders and technologists. 


We know that our generation is the future. And it is our job to support, educate, and inspire those in need.


Thank you for your support in making our dreams a reality. Together, we can change the world: one girl at a time. 



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