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The current global labor force participation rate for women is only 49%. We've been on a mission to change this since 2016, and with the help of generous supporters like you, we’re getting closer every day. 


Programs and conferences


Young women reached



Where we work:


Technological Education
We equip young women, ages 18-22 with the tech, interpersonal, leadership, and computational skills needed to be competitive in today's market. They are put to task on creating websites, building apps, and harnessing the power of social media.
Entrepreneurial Skills
Passion and tech skills go hand in hand with effecting positive change. We inspire our students to pursue innovative solutions to issues in areas of their interest. They are supported with creating their own prototypes of social good campaigns from the ground up.  We teach them how to write business proposals, communicate their creations to a wide audience, and be the leaders that the world needs.

Final Pitch Event


Our programs end with participants pitching what they built: a solution to a problem their community, country, or world faces. Solutions are showcased through a mix of websites, apps, and operating proposals to pitch to global industry business professionals. 

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