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Saniya Vashist

Founder & Executive Director

Saniya founded codeHER when she was 13, with the vision of uplifting youth around the world to tackle societal issues. She is currently taking a gap year to lead codeHER’s global development and gender equality initiatives, before attending Stanford University next fall. Saniya hopes to use codeHER as a platform to further gender equality around the world, bridge cultural divides through technology, and inspire young people to  to better their communities.

Elisabeth Myers

International Advisor

Elisabeth Myers is a lawyer, strategist, and communications expert with a 2.5-decade legal career in US big law.  She was the founding Editor-in-Chief of online magazine Inside Arabia in Washington, DC. She was also a founding member and board member of the MENA Consultants Association. Myers served as the Chair of its Women's Entrepreneur Initiative. She is currently the Democracy Lead for Democrats Abroad- Morocco

Fadwa Kamal

International Advisor

Fadwa Kamal is a digital expert and new media trainer. She's the founder of Hacks/Hackers-Casablanca, a chapter of the international network that organizes collaborations among journalists and technology experts. Currently, she is enrolled at the College of Europe on the ENP/EU scholarship, completing her academic research on conflict and security. 

Jessica Cunha

Social Media Manager

Jessica is a senior majoring in Political Communication at Emerson College. She is passionate about women's rights and equity in education. She is also interning with Girl Up, a UN Foundation initiative for gender equality, and the Alray Scholars Program.

Alexandria Da Ponte 

Communications Lead

Alexandria has degrees from Samford University and Duke Divinity School. Having held leadership positions in women’s health, she is compassionate, and has great organizational skills. In her free time, Alexandria enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring new restaurants.

Lavanya Ramakrishnan Content Director

Lavanya works in the editorial and content design area. She has degrees in English, Journalism, and Communication. Lavanya was a journalist in India before moving to the US. Outside of work, Lavanya enjoys reading fiction, baking, singing, and travelling.

Tina Wang

Marketing Development Lead

Tina is a sophomore majoring in Business Administration student at USC. Currently, she is leading Events & PR as the VP of Public Relations at RISE Consulting. Tina is passionate about arts and hopes to work in management within the music industry in the future. In her free time, Tina enjoys creating music, going to the beach, and painting.

Emily Nichols

Program Director- South Asia

Emily is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Public Health at the University of Melbourne. She also has degrees in Psychology and Sociology. She is passionate about empowering young women and ensuring all women have equal access to health education. 

Carlie Byrne

Program Director- MENA

Carlie graduated from George Washington University with a B.A. Political Science. She has held several internships on Capitol Hill and with the Department of Justice. Outside of school and work, she enjoys books, photography, travel, and listening to music and podcasts.

Rana Obiat

Program Director- MENA

Rana was born and raised in the West Bank/Palestine. She holds an MBA from Birzeit University. Rana is passionate about finding sustainable solutions to make this world a better place. In her free time, she likes to practice meditation, yoga, organizing outdoor activities with family or friends.

Ambra Caserta

Program Director- Europe

Ambra was born and raised in the southern part of Italy. She spent most of her life studying and travelling with the aim to help others. She is passionate about taking on challenges that can have a positive impact in the world. Ambra has studied International Relations. She enjoys practicing yoga, listening to audiobooks and various genres of music in her free time.

Minahill Tariq

Program Director- South Asia

Minahill is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Pakistan. Outside of school and work, Minahill enjoys fiction novels and Korean pop music. She also designs RC aircraft and helps organize women empowerment programs at her university.

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