A passionate group dedicated to breaking the barriers holding women and minorities back

Saniya Vashist 

Stanford University

When she was 13, Saniya founded codeHER with the vision of empowering minority populations around the world to tackle the issues they are passionate about. She first started running after school girls coding programs at local middle schools and expanded the organization around the Mid-Atlantic. After realizing the impact codeHER could have on an international scale, Saniya worked with the team to facilitate the Baramij Laha program in Morocco.


Saniya hopes to use codeHER as a platform to spark and propel a dialogue about gender inequality around the world, bridge cultural divides through technology, and inspire youth to use their talents and perspectives to better their communities.


When I first started codeHER in 2016 I had no idea where this journey would lead me. I was 13 years old, about to enter high school, and all I really knew is that I wanted to help those around me. I didn't know how exactly I was going to accomplish this, but I decided to  start by combining my passion for teaching and technology to help girls in my area learn computer science. After a few months of running local programs, I realized the potential for codeHER to expand beyond just the United States. With our incredible team, we were able to run our Baramij Laha pilot program during the summer of 2018 in Morocco, and gain the support from the U.S. Embassy the year after.

We are proud to be an entirely female-youth run nonprofit, dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders and technologists.  We know that our generation is the future. And it is our job to support, educate, and inspire those in need.


I am incredibly grateful to experience this wonderful journey and am excited for what the future has to hold. With continuous hard work and support from our amazing advisers, and both the public and private sector, I know we will be able to make a sustainable difference in the world around us.


Thank you for your support in making our dreams a reality. Together, we can change the world: one girl at a time.





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