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Our partners span X countries across X continents. Our partners are split into two categories: Corporate and Community.


Corporate partners provide codeHER with funding, volunteers, or general resources to run programs.


codeHER readily offers our support and resources to help uplift community based organizations in low and middle-income countries

Goldman Sachs

Community TeamWorks

Verizon Media

Blessed Life Foundation Uganda

HER Ethiopia is an Ethiopian community project that was developed to help eradicate the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the region, and combat gender-based violence through mentorship, trainings, awareness campaigns, and conferences. 

HER Ethiopia

Blessed Life Foundation (BLF) Uganda is a community-based organization that equips teenage girls and mothers with vocational skills and empowers youth to access educational and health resources. 

codeHER is helping HER Ethiopia and BLF Uganda develop their programs, build their websites, and harness the tools of social media, to expand their organizations and impact.

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