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Interesting in volunteering for codeHER's educational programs? What about working behind the scenes to expand our reach? However you want to contribute, we have a position for you.


Start out as either a Volunteer or TA, and move on to Lead Instructor.


By being a volunteer, you will able to assist the main instructors in the codeHER club. You don't have to be committed to one club location, and you can come whenever you are available. However, you must notify the club facilitators at least 24 hours in advance to volunteering.

Teaching Assistant

Being a TA requires a commitment to the school you instruct at. Your responsibilities include assisting the lead instructors, and helping the program run smoothly. You must get at least 3 hours a month. 

Lead Instructor

By being the lead instructor of the codeHER club, you are responsible for running the program and lessons. You are in charge of the classroom and must communicate with the students, parents, and codeHER facilitators, as well as the management team. Additionally, you must email the lesson plan/activity to the faciliator in advance to running the program, keep track of student progress, and adapt lessons to the students.

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Fill out the application.

Join our Slack Group, which is the teaching department's primary means of communication.

From there, the codeHER management team will reach out with further information.



Marketing aims to promote codeHER and our services, playing a vital role in disseminating the mission of codeHER. They reach out to individuals and organizations in order to synthesize with the community around us and build a better support network for our students and programs.


Finance controls and expands the fiscal limits of codeHER. They are responsible for budgeting, planning, and fundraising. Finance enables us to purchase new technology to introduce to students from educationally underserved areas the wide array of educational and career paths in tech.


The Visionary Department continually raises the bar for codeHER. They brainstorm innovative ideas that can truly transform and expand our reach. They also conduct research regarding community needs and develop solutions to execute.


The Curriculum Development Department is responsible for creating lesson outlines for codeHER's programs. They regularly update the curriculum depending on current topics that are relevant for student to learn and tailor lessons to each school's/location's needs.

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Fill out the application.

CodeHER will reach out to you for next steps after your application submission. Be on the lookout!

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